FORUS Health honored for state-of-the-art technology innovations

„Tech for Global Good“-Program honors social innovators

FORUS Health honored for state-of-the-art technology innovations

Wimsheim, 08. November 2017On November 4, the Tech Museum of Innovation awarded the Indian company FORUS Health for their several technology initiatives – new products and innovations, that reach large masses in the eye-care space. WidasConcepts feels proud to have been associated with one of their flagship products, and to develop the Cloud Framework and necessary Android application framework to enable remote eye-care diagnostics.

FORUS Health is among the five innovators to receive the coveted award this year from the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. The Indian company reaches more than 2 million people in 16 countries with its medical app. The cloud-based application developed together with WidasConcepts is based on real-time data processing. Eye scans of the patients are taken at clinics or hospitals close to them. The anonymously recorded patient data can be viewed by eye-specialists worldwide, over the cloud framework. Spatial barriers are no longer an obstacle to a reliable diagnosis. The medical center, where the scan is performed, then informs the patient about the results. Further advice and treatment is also provided there.

Promoting global quality of life
The Tech Museum of Innovation is encouraging the next generation of developers and innovators with the “The Tech for Global Good” program. It aims to strengthen young people’s social thinking in order to overcome global challenges. So that some ethical and empathic aspects get imbibed into technological progress.
Vishwa Kiran, Managing Director of the IT consulting company WidasConcepts, India, says: “We congratulate FORUS Health and we are proud to have contributed significantly to this technological project. This state-of-the-art system fundamentally changes the way eye care is handled in India and other countries. It improves the lives of millions of people who would otherwise have little chance of a reliable diagnosis. ”
The stories of the “Tech for Global Good” award winners are the foundation of the eponymous program. They are part of an exhibition and are used in educational programs.

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