Die Widas Group investiert 2 Millionen Euro in den Ausbau der digitalen Infrastruktur

Widas Group invests 2 million euros in the expansion of the digital infrastructure

Widas continues to expand its own digital infrastructure and is investing 2 million euros for this purpose. With cidaas, the leading European Cloud Identity & Access Management, Widas currently offers a cloud service made in Germany, which is operated on its own digital infrastructure as well as the Open Telekom Cloud.

Together with the Sparkassen-IT department of Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw, Widas is implementing an extensive expansion of its own infrastructure. The digital infrastructure will be significantly expanded through additional resources in the Sparkassen-IT data centers and a redundant and direct connection to the existing Widas data centers. The expansion of the digital infrastructure creates the basis for further strong growth on a scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure.

“The expansion of the digital infrastructure is a clear sign of cloud services made in Germany,” says Thomas Widmann (Global CEO of Widas). “We are pleased to have found another strong partner in Sparkassen-IT for our Cloud Identity & Access Management cidaas.”

With the Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw as the largest savings bank in Baden-Württemberg and the 100% subsidiary Sparkassen-IT, Widas Group has found a highly professional partner who not only brings expertise in the infrastructure, but also has a deep understanding of the high regulatory requirements that cidaas fulfills. Sparkassen-IT operates several data centers and its own fiber optic infrastructure in the Pforzheim, Enzkreis and Calw region.

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