Invitation for the April Meetup on 06. April in Stuttgart

Invitation for the April Meetup on 06. April in Stuttgart

Spring is here, everything is awakening. True also for a growing number of companies, that are shaping up new opportunities, forms and strengths with the help of Big Data. We are looking forward to discussing this with you and invite you to our next meeting on Thursday, 06. April 2017 from 18:30 hrs onwards. We meet at the Club-Restaurant Da Domenico in Stuttgart (Heßbrühlstraße 64). And this is our program:

Artificial Intelligence as API – Microsoft Cognitive Services (Henning Rauch, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH)
“Data is the new oil.” (Jan Brecht)
“(Al is) The ability to reason of large amounts of data and convert that into intelligence.” (Satya Nadella)

In the recent past, interest in artificial intelligence – to be precise – on machine learning, has exploded. It is a good thing that pioneers in this area also make their tools available to others, thus reducing the hurdles for newcomers. This could be called as democratization of the artificial intelligence, because the circle of users, who are benefiting from these techniques, can be expanded many folds.

Cognitive services are a collection of APIs for using artificial intelligence. Regardless of the level of experience, they help developers create a natural and contextual interaction that improves user-friendliness through computer-based intelligence. They are particularly used in the fields of image analysis, speech recognition and recording of relevant information.
In his presentation, Mr. Rauch explains how easy these services can be used and shows interesting practical applications.

About the speaker:
Henning Rauch works since 2016 at Microsoft as a Data Solution Architect for Azure. His focus lies on the designing of solutions through which machine learning, data stream analysis and novel database systems can come to use.  Before this, Mr. Rauch was responsible for the Architecture of  Big Data-Solutions in the field of international governance.

In the end, we want to together discuss the topic of artificial intelligence and go into the following questions among others in detail:

  • What do we understand about artificial intelligence? What can we expect from solutions in this field?
  • What is the importance of artificial intelligence for companies? What are the typical application scenarios for AI solutions?
  • What are the dangers /risks involved in artificial intelligence?

We look forward to an interesting evening in Stuttgart!

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