WidasConcepts: health-care App supports field of ophthalmology in India

App for remote diagnosis of eye-related illnesses

Wimsheim, 15. February 2016  The medical care in the field of ophthalmology is not very widespread in India. A mobile application aims to solve the problem: The innovative IT consulting company WidasConcepts GmbH from Wimsheim near Stuttgart has developed a health-care app at its Indian subsidiary in Bangalore in collaboration with a leading Indian health service provider. Over a cloud Framework, the app connects patients and physicians across national borders, so illnesses can be detected and treated.
India is currently next to China the most populous country in the world – however the percentage of available doctors when compared to the population is considerably small. Especially in the field of ophthalmology, the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases often pose a problem for the population due to the low number of ophthalmologists.

An innovative solution can provide a remedy: WidasConcepts in co-operation with a major health-care service provider, has developed a cloud-based application with real-time data processing. The patients get their eye-scanned at hospitals or clinics. The app captures the patient data anonymously and makes them available to eye-experts globally via the cloud framework conceived by WidasConcepts. Geographical barriers are hence bridged – the relevant ophthalmologist may be kilometers away and can nevertheless make a reliable diagnosis by means of the eye-scan-image made available, without any problem. The patient receives the results at the center, which performed the initial eye scan. There, the patient also receives advice if any treatment is further needed.

„Software as a Service“- platform for higher diagnostic coverage
Through a scalable cloud-based back-end infrastructure, WidasConcepts ensures rapid capture, analysis and secure-storage of medical data. The simple interface allows for an intuitive and quick operation. In addition, patients can search for a suitable doctor for diagnosis via the cloud platform. Vishwa Kiran, Managing Director of IT consulting company WidasConcepts, India, sees the health-services Partnership as a significant step towards global health care: “This exciting project illustrates the importance of technology – IT and Big Data, also in the field of medicine. The mobile solution can be used worldwide. The eye scans will be assigned to the appropriate ophthalmologists according to the stored information, such as specialization, location and service-level-agreements. ”

Print screen Forus Care: WidasConcepts together with the leading health care solutions provider in India, Forus Health has developed a medical App, which enables remote diagnosis of eye related illnesses over a cloud framework. (Photo: WidasConcepts GmbH)

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