WidasConcepts: Brain storming by experts on big data technologies

WidasConcepts: Brain storming by experts on big data technologies 1024 683 WidasConcepts GmbH

IT consultants at the Big Data Summit 2017
Wimsheim, 1. Februar 2017                               The IT consulting firm WidasConcepts will take part in the fifth Big Data Summit of Bitkom on 16 February in Hanau. At this annual meeting, decision-makers in data management will discuss recent happenings and developments in the Big Data field. This year’s topic is “Connecting the Dots – Data, Algorithms, Technology, Mindset”. 

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WidasConcepts will be present at the Big Data Summit, where more than 600 decision-makers from data-driven companies and organizations as well as from science and politics come together to exchange their Big Data experiences. The main aim being, to get in touch with the participants and discussing with them. “We want to demonstrate to comapanies that we can jointly, successfully pave the way for digital transformation together. With INNOVATE, DESIGN, TRANSFORM standing as three pillars, we can support them in the design and development of their IT solutions as well as in the operation.” says Thomas Widmann, Founder & CEO, WidasConcepts.

In over 50 presentations, experts will talk about the opportunities and concrete business benefits that companies can achieve from investing in Big Data technologies. The management aspects and best practices will stay in the foreground. Particular emphasis will be laid on the technical possibilities and the social acceptance of big data implementations. Lectures on Big Data in the fields of Automotive, Industry 4.0, Finance, Health and Logistics will be offered further classified within the respective industry. Technology sessions, Customer Experience Management, Smart City and Utility 4.0 round off the program.

About WidasConcepts GmbH
The innovative IT consulting company WidasConcepts supports its customers since 1997 in successfully shaping their business processes. WidasConcepts develops modern and future-oriented concepts in the areas of Big Data, Internet of Things, as well as mobile and web-solutions. It aims to create intelligent business solutions that brings more success to the customers in the competitive market. The company serves its customers strategically from the business analysis up to the implementation of the overall solution for a wide variety of platforms and end-devices. WidasConcepts transports the bigger picture of IT. The company headquartered in Wimsheim near Stuttgart. Along with the branch office in Bangalore, India, it has currently 80 employees and is a member of the high-tech Association BITKOM.