Lecture: Change the way you drive

The CarbookPlus platform CarbookPlus bundles all information – vehicle and driving behavior related in real time. It is a free service with which drivers can manage their vehicles or the entire fleet. The aim is to simplify the recurring activities related to the use of the vehicle. For e.g.: A digital logbook is an integrated feature which can be used for tax saving purposes. Similarly, the search for the best fuel station on the way or to remain connected with the community. Here, one can compare vehicles, insurances, dealers, service stations and can post important tips for the travel.

In addition, CarbookPlus enables an independent and accurate assessment of the mobility behavior with respect to the individual and vehicle and therefore serves as the basis for a personalized and usage dependent billing. The collected data could in future be used for Pay-as-you-drive polices in the Insurance telematics. Customers benefit then from the customized tariffs, individually tailored to them.

Thomas Widmann stellt presents CarbookPlus and its many advantages at the next meet of the BITKOM’s Big Data workgroup , to be held on the 14th September, 2016 in the Ernst & Young GmbH premises in Stuttgart.
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