Software for modern business

Companies rely on sustainable IT consulting

Software for modern business!

Pursuing business strategies, using software solutions and relevant business information in real time, stimulates your business – in all areas.

The establishment of e-payment, social business and mobile commerce at banks and insurance companies, the Connected Car and Car2Car communication in the automotive industry as well as the advancing multichannel sales and service developments in the mail order business clearly show how important efficient business IT and Web X.0 adaptation is for your company.

Reason enough for WidasConcepts to align your IT consulting services to the social business. Under the maxim “Software for modern Business” the consulting focuses were relaunched.

The Strategic IT Consulting ensures a future-proof alignment of IT. The heavy
points are innovation and differentiation opportunities for successful companies. In IT strategies, architecture patterns and operating concepts for modern business solutions, the main points of action and consolidation proposals are identified and planned. The advantages are obvious: company resources are conserved and the clear focus is on the development and implementation of the solution.
The focus on the company’s business ensures a gradual redesign of IT.

Off-the-peg software solutions always fit only in theory. When differentiating the processes that really drive value, it is important to create software solutions that strengthen a company’s unique selling proposition. Depending on the industry and positioning, these lie with the customer groups, products and the sales&service quality. Modern and agileSoftware development, which enables a continuous improvement of your business solutions, because modern software is smart, mobile and knows its users.

With Next Business Intelligence WidasConcepts summarizes the challenges around the topic of context awareness. The provision of knowledge in real time e.g. in the context of the user, location, business, product and user preferences. New business rules and technologies lead to new DWH architectures
and finally make software solutions intelligent. In this way, operational company activities and the overall company performance achieve a decisive competitive advantage.

The consulting focuses of WidasConcepts are optimally coordinated, so
that as a result, industry-specific markets, customer relationships, products and services
services can be optimally served. The IT consulting portfolio in Software for modern Business generates a decisive impulse for a sustainable successful Business 2.0.
Our Software for modern Business at a glance:

strategic it consulting
Introduction of architecture management, testing of innovative concepts and technologies in the form of reviews is one of your future-oriented business models – IT-Architecture Consulting & IT Strategy Consulting

Our Services in Strategic IT Consulting

software development
Business processes and solutions are mapped and realized with JEE/J2ME, SQL/NoSQL, ObjectiveC, SOA or BPM in sustainable software systems and Unified Communication & Collaboration Modules excellently mapped, realized and integrated into your IT application landscape and cloud architecture – Sales and Service Solutions & Software Integration Solutions

Our services in software development

next business intelligence
BigData is precisely evaluated and automatically replayed using ETL processes, HBase, Hadoop and Map Reduce, hidden patterns and structures are detected and reported – Content2Context Solutions & DWH conception

Our Services in Next Business

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