Redefine your digital footprint

Digitalization and IoT, have and are, transforming life big time. Today, we are witness to, what could be termed as an “App Explosion”, with android user having to choose from more than 2.1 Million Apps. However, the trend comes with its own challenges – Adhering to security & data privacy regulations, combating cyber-attacks, offering best-of-class customer experience and much more. And not to forget, to have the right data at the right time and at the right place. To outperform competition, add more value to Business and remain future-proof – Innovation, Foresight, Precision and Competence – you need to embrace a solution that has it all! We, at WidasConcepts, help you shape your business by creating modern and futuristic concepts in the areas of Big Data, Internet of Things, and mobile & web-solutions.

Create tomorrow’s solutions today!


Recognizing the potential of your company and the needs of your customers, we design intelligent solutions considering the context, user mobility and local intelligence


Using Best of the breed and futuristic technology, our experts develop solutions for your platform of choice, keeping the growth of your business in focus


Mostly run on-premise and managed by internal System Administrators. Our own WidasRun Data Center is available for running your solutions on the cloud.


We provide regular Bug fixing and regular software updates to ensure that you do not get stuck in the Software life cycle hell giving room for continuous improvement.

Our Competencies

Big Data Consulting

Revitalize your business and customer experience through recommendations, assistance and predictions in real time. We help you with customized Big Data as well as software solutions.

IoT Consulting

Stay connected with your customers, their devices and across industries with our IoT and mobile solutions. We help you build IoT based solutions that perfectly fits in the New-Gen internet-enabled ecosystem.

Strategic IT Consulting

Our top notch technical experts help you conceptualize, design and implement software, by combining business and industry insights with innovative technology, to help you transform digitally.


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