Financial Services


Case Study

Quick fraud detection

Security and privacy are the most important requirements for online and mobile banking. How does one identify the handwork of fraudsters as quickly as possible – and at the same time lay the basis for better processes and services? Our Fraud Detection System proved for a major bank as a multi-talent. Click here for the case study

Case Study

Know your customer

In order to address customers optimally, you need to know them. How do we achieve high customer satisfaction and also optimize company’s profit? With a transparent customer journey and a very powerful smart banking platform. Click here for the case study


Respond faster to customer wishes.

With our Big Data solutions for banks and insurance companies, you can greatly improve customer service. Use evaluated customer data in real time, to respond promptly to requests and queries. Inform your customers about upcoming maturities, missing exemption orders, unfavorable fee models etc. and recommend your solutions proactively. Would you also like that? Contact us!


Reduce your internal costs.

Big Data helps you design your processes in sales, risk- and service management more efficiently. By merging real time information and from its systematic use Banks and Insurance companies can ease the work on their staff, save time and significantly reduce the costs. Would you also like that? Contact us!



More than three quarters of executives from the financial services domain are of the opinion that from Big Data an absolute value-add can be generated which in turn contributes towards the future success of the company.



More than three quarters of all customers are dissatisfied with their insurance company. Big Data helps you direct your offers and services to your customer needs and design your customer communication at all points of contact uniformly.


Big Data as an opportunity for businesses. Thomas Widmann in conversation.