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Organizations must ride the digitalization wave and make sure that it is investing in modern and faster go to market technologies. Businesses must show a unified and consistent digital interface to every one of its customers, partners, and staff. The challenge is to avoid friction of the various stakeholders in getting to market quickly and to avoid duplication of initiatives.
Digitalization needs the team that understands business being done at warp speed and the technology that allows for rapid evolution and adaptation.

Our expertise is in bringing together the business and technology into a cohesive strategy to enable digitalization in the most impactful areas of a business. While innovation is being pursued at the heart of every business, our team provides a deep partnership to keep all the parts running like a smooth machine.

Your business needs deep expertise in how the digitalization assets are made available on the internet and how reliable they are. After having done several large-scale service design and deployments we understand of the tools and technologies that will allow for a rapid deployment and smooth running of systems 24×7.

We design and operate

Resiliency design and architecture

Data traffic planning and design

  • Routing and load management.

Service availability


Deployment process and best practices

  • DevOps
  • Performance optimization
Sichere und starke Authentifizierung mit cidaas
Einwilligungsmanagement und Datenschutz mit cidaas

Monitoring frameworks and setup for Key infrastructure

Alerts and escalation setup for business continuity

IT support planning.

Security and change management

Patch management

Security policy management

Proactive Service monitoring


Preventive maintenance


Remote IT support (24x7)

Real World Identification & Omnichannel mit cidaas

The all-in-one solution from WidasConcepts

From Strategy to Software to Operations in its own WidasCloud Data Center

Widas not only takes care of strategy consulting and the development of customer-specific software, but also takes up its operation. The company’s own WidasCloud Data Center has been in operation since 2017 and supports Widas cloud services and their software solutions. In doing so, we rely on modern and future-proof technologies. Flexibility, scalability and readiness are provided by a modern technology stack with for e.g. Docker, Elastic, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, MongoDB etc. based on the innovative Data Center Operating System DC/OS.

Widas helps you to define and execute the ideal setup and ensures fail-safe and efficient operation.

Benefit from it now:

24/7 support by our experts

Calculable costs

Flexibility - both in terms of resources and technology

Customization as per your individual needs

Use of state-of-the-art hardware & software

EU-DSGVO Conformity

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