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widas india employees
widas india employees
widas india employees
widas india employees
If you understand the rigors of Product Development and an equally important customer-centric Service Delivery Mechanism, you will find a space here to levitate.
We are looking for analytical minds, logical thinkers, and high-quality coding enthusiasts who are always improving and up-skilling. We encourage if you would like to cross-train across various technologies or want to excel in just one!
Are you a development enthusiast having hands-on experience in any of the following technologies? Are you a fitness enthusiast or with a caring heart to contribute to med-tech startups who are revolutionising modern medicare? Do you get excited when you hear modern-day cloud-based security products helping corporates to comply with data privacy and protection?
Widas India ethnic day
Widas India ethnic day

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We have our own cloud infrastructure, virtualized and automated ci/cd, micro-services, full-stack development, front end responsive web development, mobile application development, and a highly scalable big data backend, with machine learning-based fraud detection systems and data analytics. We are a software consultancy firm that also has our own Cloud-based Identity Management (CIAM) product.

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Job Title Background

Infrastructure Architect

clock Full-time
location Bengaluru, India
calendar 07.08.23
Work From Home Hybrid

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Since we introduced cidaas, we have not only managed to convince many well-known companies. cidaas has also received many awards and won numerous prizes.