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Widas Concepts strongly believes that High Technology requires High Competence, hence our employees are our most valuable assets.

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We believe in leading with open doors and open minds with a “never give up attitude!”. Encouraging each other is a natural trait of a Widas employee who is not only a “power programmer” but also an avid problem solver with a positive mindset.

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We strictly keep micromanaged environments at bay. With a vibrant culture brimming with new technologies, innovative products and like-minded people why do we need to be managed?

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At Widas we work in a collaborative and ego free culture where your talent is valued over your designation or title.

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Strategic and client interactive roles offered to our employees

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Innovation is the key to our success and we practice it in everything we do !! We hire a collection of diverse , smart minds and the result is “creative”, “out of the box” solutions for our customers.

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We align ourselves to our customers in an open, friendly and focused manner. We communicate facts while accommodating customer requirements with full empathy and understanding.

The good stuff

Our employees do not stick to one project for years infact they take centre stage in our client projects which are typically short/mid term ensuring immense exposure in various technologies across deliverables.

Lifetime Software Architect? Not at Widas Concepts! Our consultants can opt for different roles depending on their strengths and core interests. In this way they gain a lot of exposure across domains be it development, architecture, business analysis or project management. This enables their holistic development and makes them all-rounders.

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