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Digitalization is getting more important in medical technology

E-Health, patient protection, IoT (Internet of Things), automation and cyber security –
many companies are very much occupied with these topics today.


Increase in telemedicine patients from 2016 to 2018*


20% of clinical trials worldwide will introduce some form of virtualization.


Estimated revenue growth in Wireless Health segment from 2017 to 2020

Digitalisierung und IT-Lösungen in der Medizintechnik

Digitization has been opening the door to a lot of opportunities in the field of medical engineering too.

The first medical products have already been digitally enhanced creating not only new possibilities, for example in the evaluation of functions or usage areas/scope of the products, but also new business prospects.

With products that are increasingly becoming smaller and portable, the trend in medical engineering is observed to be extending into homecare as well. The physical connect with hospitals or other facilities is no longer required. Without such a connect, the patients are still empowered and enabled to use medical products. However, at the same time, this also creates new challenges and exciting business models.

Many manufacturers in the field of medical engineering are wondering how to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment in the future. The advantages of digitization in medical technology are obvious, but the risks, especially in data protection and data security, must not be neglected and forgotten.

Our competences

Consulting services

Secure and dedicated access to data? Your technical challenges are the stimulus for our work. In a joint discussion, we analyse your needs and recommend a digital model tailored to your business model. In doing so, we support you in the development of solutions so that you have a holistic view of facts and figures in real time, be it online or offline, across all units of the company. You can use this information to identify customer requirements more accurately, adapt products and optimize your business model.

Scalable software solution

We develop a scalable solution together with you, OnPremise or Cloud-based, which supports you in the controlling and data evaluation of your IoT devices/products. In today's world of digitalization, huge amounts of data are generated in the various phases of the lifecycle. Thanks to individually scalable software solutions, any amount of data can be processed. With the Big Data approach, you can then ideally handle your data chunks and evaluate them in such a way that relevant information can be displayed and further processed at the end of the day. Using data mining and real-time analysics, you can gain important insights into your customers/partners and products. An abundance of detailed information enables you to make informed business decisions. The integration of the individually developed software into the existing hardware of your company is always taken into account.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning algorithms can learn to recognize patterns such as signs of illness and thus draw conclusions on changes/irregularities. The application of machine learning in medical technology is therefore becoming increasingly important. In combination with predictive analytics, our solutions help you to increase your performance through the cross-functional use of information across different systems. Thanks to the combination of several data sources, machine learning algorithms can be continuously improved and enriched.

Today, medical technology companies sell their products through a wide variety of distribution channels. In times of digitalization, not only do customers want to know where their products are, but so does the manufacturer. This is why traceability is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to blockchain technology, this is now possible with minimal effort. In addition to secure traceability, this method also ensures protection against fraud.

Case Study

Case Study - Blockchain Plattform zur Nachverfolgung von Medizinprodukten

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