HealthCubed Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary HealthCubed India Private Limited is a startup focused on modern digital platforms for medical diagnostics. HealthCubed is into solution and services for medical pre-screening and early diagnostics. It has designed an electronic platform that is used for pre-screening and diagnosis of several diseases using blood tests, urine tests, ECG and other physical tests. Its main product line is HealthCube XL, a physical device with the minimum form factor, and which is operated and controlled using a handheld device.

HealthCubed Inc., partnered with WidasConcepts India to develop a comprehensive solution which not only controls the IoT Device but also aggregated data and allowed various workflows on it. The solution also provided web modules to configure and administer services. The tablet-based application that controls devices, allows to initiate tests on the IoT device, and capture results. This data is then synchronized with the server, where various actors involved in the diagnostic domain like nurses, doctors and path lab can work on it. Data is then further analyzed such that Machine Learning can be applied to obtain predictive analytics and disease warnings.

Development work kicked-off in May 2017 and in 4 months, the solution was up and live in the Healthcubed server environment


Cloud-based software solution that is always synchronized

Scalable solution that can accomodate several million patient data records

End-User Application should function even without a stable Internet connection

Technologies used

Mongo DB as data repository

Apache Kafka for Message Queues

The deployment automation was achieved with Gitlab CI.

cidaas (Identity Management from Widas) for role-based access and security of patient data

Cloud-based software solution with ease of operation

One of the main challenges was to have the solution scalable enough to accommodate huge volumes of data in the volume of millions of patient records.

In this context, it was equally crucial to handle medical identities of patients in the most secure way.

Also, for ease of operation, the User interface had to be made simple and understandable. The end user facing application and solution had to work even without internet connectivity

The EZDx (Easy Diagnostics) platform was developed, a cloud-based platform for HealthCubed, which does a 360 connect of all users involved in delivering medical diagnostics. The software platform extends the hardware protocols of the Hub invented by HealthCubed.

Secure processing of patient data with dedicated roles and access

A range of diagnostic tests including Blood Grouping, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, Haemoglobin, Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximeter, Urine based RDT (Rapid Diagnostic Tests), Pregnancy test and ECG were configured to work using the solution provided.

Above all, secure processing of User data was achieved with the holistic cidaas CIAM solution – A secure data repository with robust role based access system. For Example, Operators could take care of patient registration and notify the Operations team, in case of required inventory. Doctors could easily view test results and provide recommendations. The Administrator could easily set up the organizational hierarchy and correspondingly assign roles and permissions to each level of users.

The User experience was built with appropriate tutorials to guide users through the tests and display results in an intuitive manner

An offline mode of operating the devices was also made available without any local storage of secure information such as passwords, further adding to the security of data.

Data was made available at various workflow stages for analysis with anonymized patient data thus ensuring data privacy.

Customized Reports for various purposes, including a personalized portal for the patients.

Language localization option provided helped in expanding business across countries like India, Bangladesh and Portugal.

About Widas

Widas Technologie Services GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WidasConcepts GmbH, is a global IT services company that has been helping companies with digital transformation since 1997. We help our customers to design their business processes intelligently and to create digital solutions successfully. In addition to the conceptualization, design, and implementation of individually developed software, our core competencies also include its maintenance and operation. Our goal is to create intelligent business solutions that make our customers even more successful in the market.

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