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HealthCubed is a company that offers solutions and services for medical pre-screening and early diagnostics. It has developed an electronic platform used to perform pre-screening and diagnosis of various diseases using blood and urine tests, ECG and other medical diagnostic tests.


The company wanted to develop a comprehensive solution that controls the diagnostic IoT devices. In addition, the following factors also had to be considered

The solution should be scalable enough to accommodate several million patient data records

Medical identities of patients should be handled in the most secure way

The end-user application should function even without stable internet connectivity

Used Technologies

Mongo DB as data repository

Apache Kafka for Message Queues

The deployment automation was achieved with Gitlab CI.

cidaas (Identity Management from Widas) for role-based access and security of patient data


Secure processing of user data

Several diagnostic tests configured to work with the solution

Anonymized patient data to ensure data privacy

Offline mode of operation without any compromise on security

Customized reporting

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