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$7.7 T

The global e-Commerce market is worth US$7.7 trillion *


Smartphones account for 61 percent of retail site visits worldwide *


Digital buyer penetration worldwide is expected to grow to 63 percent in 2019*

Digitalisierung im E-Commerce

Digitalization in E-Commerce

The future of B2B eCommerce lies in integrating cognitive technologies that gauges customer behaviour and provides actionable insights to facilitate the right experience – The focus being generation of personalized web content (offers/products/prices..), flexible payment options and customer service. With technical advancements such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Biometrics etc., the industry will only flourish further. With WidasConcepts, we guide you through the road ahead and ensure you have the digital edge!

Our Services and Competencies

Technology and Compliance

We leverage state-of-the-art products and technology to help you with the best architecture and platform to ensure scalability, load-balancing, performance optimization, secure transactions and high page-loading speeds that help you deliver best in class experience to customers. Our customizable IAM solution facilitates management of the identities of your growing customer base across locations keeping all the Global & regional regulations in mind.

Big Data Solutions

With our Big Data solutions, you optimize your product portfolio, implement dynamic price adjustments and remain customer-centric. For developing our solutions, we utilize latest Big Data technologies such as Hadoop or the Technology stack of Elastic Search. With data mining and real-time analytics, you can track your customers, predict their behavior and provide them a rich & fulfilling experience in real-time and take informed business decisions.

Analytics & Consulting

We offer recommendations on creating digital solutions that cater to enhancing User experience, better & personalized communication, logistics processing, seamless payment processing, fraud & suspicion detection etc. including a 24x7 support, so that you do not end up having to micro-manage every aspect of your digital business transformation. Our analytics expertise helps you gain insights to optimize costs & scale-up business.

How we made a difference

Leveraging data to improve operations

Every day several million users’ data converge in online shops. But how can they be most effectively structured, stored and evaluated? We designed a database solution that meets all these requirements – and in addition, massively reduces the operating and hardware costs.
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IT-Lösung zur Reduktion von Kaufabbrüchen und Verbesserung der Kundenbindung

Enhancing customer engagement

How does one counteract possible shop cart abandonment in e-commerce and lead the customer to individually tailored offerings? And that too: in real time? The real-time solution designed by WidasConcepts makes it possible – and simplifies at the same time, a timely and customer-centered re-targeting.
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