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Welcome to the world of Smart Cars – an ecosystem of networked vehicles!


The market penetration of the networked car is 8.2% in 2018 and is expected to reach 23.2% by 2023.*


The number of networked cars will increase by 30% per year: By 2020, one in five cars will be connected to the Internet*


Annual sales growth will be approximately 10.7%, resulting in a market volume of US$30,630 million by 2023.*

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Intelligent travel

Today’s customers are almost fully networked and increasingly expect this from their vehicles. In the long term, the demand for technical features that enable safe, comfortable and autonomous driving will increase significantly. Vehicles today are already equipped with systems that offer a wide range of services – from hazard warnings, traffic information and smartphone connectivity to driver assistance and infotainment, as well as displaying upcoming maintenance services.

Car owners spend about 50 minutes a day in their vehicles – to differentiate themselves from the competition and fully utilize growth potential, it is thus crucial to offer customers more and more personalized services. With our IT solutions for the automotive industry, you can create added value that will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Our competencies

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Mobility Platform - Integrated Vehicle Management Solutions

We develop customer-specific, user-friendly and telematics-based IT solutions for the automotive industry that connect vehicles with their owners and drivers. We also provide options for real-time tracking, vehicle data management, searching for the nearest gas station, keeping logbooks, linking gas stations to vehicle data, fuel monitoring, temperature control and insight into other vehicle diagnostics. With Widas' IT know-how and your expertise in the automotive sector, you will become a mobility service provider.
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Predictive analytics with artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data

We use advanced Big Data technologies across multiple platforms and devices to make the collected data usable. We support you with our innovative IT solutions from collecting the data, e.g. in vehicles or on smartphones, to storing the data in a data lake, to analysis and decision-making. Together we can derive valuable insights from your data, which will help you, for example, to understand customer preferences and, based on this, make the right decisions or develop offers. IT consulting for the automotive industry - IT landscape and digital business models
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Consulting services - IT landscape and digital business models

Your technological tasks are no longer a problem for us. In detailed analyses and recommendations based on your business, we deliver innovative IT solutions, e.g. based on Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data technologies, which enable the provision of tailor-made offers in real time - examples are customer life cycle management, car life cycle concepts, targeted product development up to meaningful sales forecasts for optimal production planning. Trust in our many years of experience in the automotive industry and our IT expertise. Whether IT strategy or the development of digital solutions, we will accompany you through the digital change.

Processing data into actionable insights

Test data, production data and driver information -how can these collected? How can an automobile manufacturer’s data be used in a way that benefits the company and the drivers? The solution: A Big Data platform that optimizes both production and driving pleasure. Read in our case study how we created these innovative IT solutions for a large German car manufacturer.
Click here for the case study

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Efficient fleet management – mobility platform

Today, safety plays an increasingly greater role in everyday life. Especially parents and schools want to ensure that their children get to school and back home safely. With modern GPS technology, the cloud and a smartphone this is now possible. Read our case study about the development of a mobility platform for localizing school buses and the intelligent networking of automotive, schools, children and parents. Click here for the case study

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