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Welcome to the world of smart cars – to a connected vehicle ecosystem!


The Connected Car penetration is 8.2% in 2018 and is expected to hit 23.2% by 2023.*


The number of networked cars will rise 30% a year: By 2020, one in five cars will be connected to the Internet.*


The number of networked cars will rise 30% a year: By 2020, one in five cars will be connected to the Internet.*

Smart Travel

Customers today are more connectivity-driven and are using digital sources right from the time purchase decisions are considered. The want for technical features for safe, comfortable and in the long run, autonomous driving, are definitely on the rise. Vehicles today are equipped with systems that provide a wide range of services – From Danger Warning, Traffic Information, Smartphone Capabilities, Driver Assistance, Infotainment and Predictive Maintenance services. Given that car owners spend about 50 minutes a day in their vehicles, offering customers personalized services is pivotal in making a difference and accelerate growth. Create an impact with our automotive solutions that perfectly align with OEM standards.

What We Offer

Integrated vehicle management solutions

We create customized user-friendly automotive telematics-based solutions that connect vehicles with owners and drivers, and provide options for real-time tracking, managing vehicle data, finding the nearest gas station, maintain log books, linking service stations to vehicle data, Fuel monitoring, Temperature controlling and providing insights into other vehicle diagnostics.

Predictive Analytics

Leveraging advanced Big Data technologies across various platforms and devices to harness the collected data, we convert them into actionable insights that help you understand customer preferences and accordingly take informed decisions. This also helps vehicle drivers/owners with predictive maintenance.

Consulting Services

We cater to your technological needs by providing detailed analysis and recommendations based on your business – IoT and Big Data based solutions that facilitate providing customized offers in real time, customer life-cycle management, car-life-cycle concepts, targeted product development to meaningful sales forecasts for an optimal production planning.

Converting data into actionable insights

Test data, production data, driver information – how can the data of an automobile manufacturer be utilized, so that they benefit both the company and also the drivers? We designed a Big Data platform that optimizes both production and driving a pleasure.
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Efficient fleet monitoring

Tracking a School Bus is a matter of caring for child safety whilst on their daily journeys to and from school. For safety and security conscious parents and schools, our solution is the answer that provides both comfort and peace of mind. With modern day GPS technology, the cloud, and a mobile in every hand, we were able to successfully roll out a school bus monitoring solution. Click here for the case study

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